About Our Directors


Mr. Willis is a founding investor of Clear Path Technologies, Inc. and a Member of our Board of Directors. He is a Co-Founder of Texas Energy Holdings, Inc. where he serves as President and Director. At Texas Energy Holdings, Mr. Willis leads the strategic development of its investment portfolio and is responsible for the selection, negotiation, well operation evaluation and field operational management of oil and gas drilling prospects. Mr. Willis also manages acquisitions, institutional and strategic investor relations, and is responsible for developing all investment programs.

With a focus on conservative operations and a proven investment strategy, Mr. Willis has grown Texas Energy Holdings from its inception in 2004 to an energy asset management firm managing more that US$225 million in assets. Mr. Willis has led the company’s participation in and management of more than one hundred and twenty (140) wells, with an income producing success ratio of nearly 100%.

Prior to founding Texas Energy Holdings, Mr. Willis was Vice President of Mid-Continent Oil & Gas, Inc. Mr. Willis was responsible for business development to raise capital for Mid-Continent’s drilling programs. Mr. Willis began his career in 1997 and spent four years (1997-2001) in sales, marketing and business development positions with startup Internet and Communications Industry Companies.

An established entrepreneur, Mr. Willis has been featured in numerous publications including Oil & Gas Magazine and D Magazine CEO. He is also a frequent lecturer at financial industry events and has served on numerous industry panels such as the Tenant-In-Common Association.

Mr. Willis is actively involved industry non-profit organizations and trade associations including the Dallas Petroleum Club, the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, and the Dallas Energy Finance Discussion Group. He is actively involved in local and national philanthropic and nonprofit organizations including Dallas-based Alley’s House, the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project and Big Brothers Big Sisters


Dr. David Luttrull is a founding investor of Clear Path Technologies, Inc. and a member of our Board of Directors. He has participated in or directed research and development (R&D) programs in several industries including specialty petrochemicals (Senior Chemist, Nalco Chemical Company, 1992-1995), electronic-substrate materials (Materials Scientist, R&D Director, and Product Director for Park Electrochemical Corporation, 1997-2003), wafer-based device finishing (Vice President, Polymer Research, Flipchip International, LLC, 2003-2004), health science (Vice President, Rosestreet Labs, LLC, 2004-2007), and contract R&D and testing services (President and Owner, Malcolm Grey LLC, 2007-present). Dr. Luttrull has authored or co-authored 16 technical publications in journals including Science, Royal Society of Chem., J. of Organic Chem., J. of American Chemical Soc., Photochemistry & Photobiology.

Dr. Luttrull developed the dominant material used in high-speed computer and wireless communications circuit boards in the electronics industry called N4000-13 at Park Electrochemical Corporation. This product was first sold in late 1997 and has generated about $380 million in sales to date. As the Vice President of R&D for Rosestreet Labs in Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Luttrull directed to completion the performance-based enzyme formulation for a novel hand-held breath-acetone detector for monitoring the fat-burning rate of people on diets. This product is now in the second proto-type stage and in clinical trials and will be sold under the company name Kemeta. In the future, we expect this product to be used for diabetic screening and screening for metabolic anomalies.

Dr. Luttrull received his BA in 1985 in Chemistry at Point Loma College, now Point Loma Nazarene University (San Diego, CA). Dr. Luttrull is a member of the Research Associates board of PLNU, which sponsors and facilitates undergraduate chemistry and biology research. Dr. Luttrull received a MS in 1987 in Organic Chemistry at Bowling Green State University at the Center for Photochemical Sciences (Bowling Green, OH). Dr. Luttrull received his Ph.D. in 1991 in Physical-Organic Chemistry at Arizona State University at the Center for Early Events in Photosynthesis (Tempe, AZ). Dr. Luttrull completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship in 1991-92 at University of Rochester at the NSF Center for Charge-Transfer Studies, where a portion of his research was completed at Kodak Corporate Research Center.