Market Position and Demand

Market Position

Our market positioning is focused on the incorporation of our sensors in-line or as part of a multi-stage screening program as the “confirmatory” or secondary detection tool of choice. While our systems may be used singularly, we expect our Atometers to be more widely employed in conjunction with other screening methods to fill a very critical gap in security programs around the world that has not yet been filled.

The ability of our systems to quantitatively distinguish explosives from non-explosives in real-time enable first responders to neutralize threats more effectively and expeditiously and thereby better protect critical infrastructure and lives. As a result, Clear Path’s detectors provide a significant value to the end-user by significantly decreasing response times as well as reducing or eliminating costly interruptions and wasteful mobilizations. This makes our systems a particularly attractive investment in both the private and public sectors.

By incorporating an automated, real-time and non-invasive confirmatory system such as ours in their security program, the customer is able to operate with fewer personnel and immediately improve the safety factor of its screening procedures by allowing operators to remotely screen suspicious targets at a safe distance, greatly reducing reliance of less reliable and unsafe inspection methods such as hand searches. 

Market Demand

The increasing diversity of threats has created complex security challenges for national, state, and local governments, the transportation industry, private businesses, and even individuals. It has created a large and sustainable industry heavily favoring those companies with specialized services and competitive technologies such as our own.

Since inception, our research, development and commercialization efforts have been primarily directed toward the homeland security and defense markets and focused on threat materials detection with solutions for critical security applications, including explosives ordnance disposal, car bomb detection, airport and transit screening, customs and border protection, facility protection and military defense.

Our single largest geographical market for our products is within the continental U.S., which if segmented by user, comprises more than 450 state and local police departments / bomb squads, 440 major airports and 580 mass-transit agencies, as well as U.S Custom’s inspection sites at more than 300 ports of entry.

Europe, Asia, Africa, the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East also represent very large and sustainable markets for security equipment such as ours. Since these regions comprise heterogeneous markets that differ in their security requirements, security funding and purchase structure among other regional variables, we rely on strong strategic partnerships with regional resellers and distributors who understand these regional markets and can also provide the necessary support and aftermarket maintenance and service for our products.

While explosives, radionuclide and illicit material detection is generally governmental in nature, the demand for our products and technologies also extends to the global $180 billion private security sector, a rapidly growing market in which many large commercial organizations have made detection, access control and advanced surveillance a focal point for their security initiatives.

Private security companies, for example, are responsible for protecting 85% of the majority of the critical infrastructure within the United States, these include local, state and federal government facilities, office buildings, commercial centers, stadiums, recreational sites, and resorts, as well as high risk sites such as the more than 103 nuclear power plants, 147 petroleum refineries and 113 liquefied natural gas facilities in the United States.