The GIA StarrayTM xrc shares a similar core system as the GIA TrackerTM xrc, both having interchangeable sensors heads; however, the deployment configuration and application of the GIA StarrayTM xrc is quite distinct.

The GIA StarrayTM xrc is a robot-borne Atometer designed to quickly cover rough terrain, climb stairs, clear obstacles and cross ditches in variable weather and temperature conditions. The GIA StarrayTM xrc answers the need for stand-off detection of unexploded ordnance, landmines, IEDs chemical warfare agents and radionuclide.

The GIA StarrayTM xrc can be delivered on various robotic and remote-vehicle platforms, including the Andros Mark V robotic remote vehicle manufactured by Remotec-Northrop Grumman and the Warrior 710 manufactured by iRobot Corporation (as shown above). The Remotec Andros line is predominantly used by bomb squads and military personnel in the U.S. The iRobot Warrior is a new digital-controlled, heavy payload remote vehicle platform introduced in 2011.

Performance of the the GIA StarrayTM xrc is comparable with that of the GIA TrackerTM xrc. The GIA StarrayTM xrc is capable of non-invasively and remotely determiningthe presence of threat materials in a suspect targeted area, and confirm the type of munitions, explosives or other select targeted materials discovered, in a little 40 seconds, with an average explosives detection time of 2 minutes.**

The GIA StarrayTM xrc can also determine the bulk presence of metals, which if detected in combination with explosives would be a certain warning sign of potential countermeasures used to disguise explosives or the presence of shrapnel.

Bolstered by successful field testing as well as strong interest in the security and defense industry, we are marketing the GIA StarrayTM xrc to state and local police departments, airport and transit police, bomb squads, military explosives ordnance and force protection units, and other public and private entities within the United States and abroad.

The GIA StarrayTM xrc is ideally suited for:

We are seeking licensing and co-development partners, including other leading manufacturers of remote robotic platforms to integrate our detectors under our name or under a private label. In addition, we are in discussions with manufacturers of other sensors to integrate with the GIA StarrayTM xrc, such as X-ray imaging.

Ease of Operation

The GIA StarrayTM xrc is operated remotely via ethernet (TCP/IP) or a fiber optic connection to a portable or handheld computer (or command control center) and employs our proprietary InterrogatorTM software and analytics. Using our proprietary algorithms, the remote computer processes the data and presents the results and informs the operator if explosives or other threat materials are present based on the ratios of elements. Click here to learn more about our InterrogatorTM software.

Robot Arm Detection from Devin S. Standard on Vimeo.

** Performance, in terms of speed of detection and level of confidence, is directly correlated and dependent on the mass of the threat material, distance from the detector, and the quantity of shielding or masking present.


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