CarBomb FinderTM 3C6

The CarBomb FinderTM 3C6 is our most recent commercialized Atometer detector. The CarBomb FinderTM 3C6 is an in-ground or ramp system which incorporates an array of multiple sensor heads for more rapid screening. Depending on ordered configuration, it can inspect all or a multiple of compartments of a vehicle simultaneously from below or from the side of the vehicle up to a height of 8 feet.

The design of the CarBomb FinderTM 3C6 provides for greater range as to the type of vehicles it can scan and a higher throughput than the CarBomb FinderTM 3C4. It is designed for frequent operation at checkpoints and choke points to provide infrastructure protection and perimeter security at government installations, military bases, power plants, refineries, critical infrastructure, such as bridges and tunnels, and high traffic public areas, including airports, buildings, and parking structures.

The CarBomb FinderTM 3C6 is essentially portable as it can be broken down for easy transportation and quickly assembled at the desired location. Therefore, the system can be deployed at any ad-hoc check point. The interrogation scheme is the same as that of a permanent installation wherein an exclusion zone is implemented and the operator works from outside of the exclusion zone or behind shielding. The suspect vehicle is driven on a pair of ramps which pass over or past the sensors, which are then positioned with the aid of proximity sensors and motorized actuators in close proximity to the suspect region.

Ease of Operation

The CarBomb FinderTM 3C6 is operated remotely via ethernet (TCP/IP) or a fiber optic connection to a portable or handheld computer (or command control center) and employs our proprietary InterrogatorTM software and analytics. Using our proprietary algorithms, the remote computer processes the data and presents the results and informs the operator if explosives or other threat materials are present based on the ratios of elements. Click here to learn more about our InterrogatorTM software.

** Performance, in terms of speed of detection and level of confidence, is directly correlated and dependent on the mass of the threat material, distance from the detector, and the quantity of shielding or masking present.


Car Bomb Scenario