CarBomb FinderTM 3C4

Our CarBomb FinderTM systems were developed in response to the critical need for improved protection of critical infrastructure and perimeter defense from car bombs or VBIEDs.

The CarBomb FinderTM 3C4 is a vehicle-borne Atometer detector which offers a mobile solution that can be deployed to interrogate vehicles that have been flagged for inspection. The CarBomb FinderTM 3C4 is configured to detect VBIEDs, where explosives or car bombs are concealed in the closed trunk, undercarriage, or other compartment of a static or parked vehicle, as well as IEDs such as roadside bombs. The system’s sensors are deployed from the vehicle at the end of a mechanical arm and placed in close proximity to the targeted area.

The CarBomb FinderTM 3C4 features a different sensor head design than the GIA TrackerTM xrc and the GIA StarrayTM xrc, which has been optimized for better penetration and a larger scan area.

The CarBomb FinderTM 3C4 is capable of remote operation either from a console in the command and control van or wirelessly from a distance. It is designed for mobile deployment at vehicle checkpoints as well as road-side screening of suspicious vehicles.

The CarBomb FinderTM 3C4 is ideally suited for:

The CarBomb FinderTM 3C4 has been configured for delivery with the Mercedes Sprint Van customized for our application for civilian use. For military and defense purposes, we are able to work with leading manufacturers of Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP), such as Force Protection, General Dynamics, GPV, Oshkosh, Textron and Mercedes, and landmine clearing vehicles such as MineWolf.

Ease of Operation

The CarBomb FinderTM 3C4 is operated remotely via ethernet (TCP/IP) or a fiber optic connection to a portable or handheld computer (or command control center) and employs our proprietary InterrogatorTM software and analytics. Using our proprietary algorithms, the remote computer processes the data and presents the results and informs the operator if explosives or other threat materials are present based on the ratios of elements. Click here to learn more about our InterrogatorTM software.


3M3 Scenario