GIA TrackerTM xrc

Our GIA TrackerTM xrc is a man-portable Atometer designed primarily for the remote detection and identification of terrorist homemade bombs, or Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). The system uniquely addresses the significant problems posed by unattended or suspicious packages or bags as well as a wide range of other threat scenarios including the remote interrogation of targeted suspect areas of vehicles, cargo or luggage.

The GIA TrackerTM xrc was developed as a result of marketplace demands for a more flexible and automated detection system with improved functionality. The GIA TrackerTM xrc consists of a three-piece, modular design and incorporates a detachable tower which allows for remote computer controlled motorized movement (vertical and transverse) of the sensor head. It features various deployment options and is capable of one and two-person ready-state deployment. Due to its small footprint and vertical stacked design, it can be transported through narrow pathways and doorways, and navigate the tight spaces of passenger and baggage areas in multiple environments (planes, trains, buses, stadium and other venues).

The advanced engineering of the GIA TrackerTM xrc allows the detector to be setup quickly and perform interrogations in non-rectilinear conditions, as well as be remotely operated by way of its motorized tower at various heights up to 8 feet. This makes it particularly attractive to transit operators which have to contend with unattended baggage left in overhead areas and do not wish to move or manipulate a suspect package or bag.

The GIA TrackerTM xrc has been demonstrated to non-invasively and remotely detect and confirm, through metal or other barriers, the presence of threat materials including explosives, radionuclide, certain chemicals and other illicit substances, with a probability of detection of about 97% and “false positive” and “false negative” rates of about 3%, in as little as forty seconds with an average explosives detection time of two minutes.**

The GIA TrackerTM xrc can also determine the bulk presence of metals, which if detected in combination with explosives would be a certain warning sign of potential countermeasures used to disguise explosives or the presence of shrapnel.

The GIA TrackerTM is ideally suited for:

In 2011, Clear Path received a public endorsement for its products from one of the nation’s leading transit authorities. Based on fedback received from customers, the use of our Atometer systems offers first responders the following benefits, among others:

Ease of Operation

The GIA TrackerTM xrc is operated remotely via ethernet (TCP/IP)or a fiber optic connection to a portable or handheld computer (or command control center) and employs our proprietary InterrogatorTM software and analytics. Using our proprietary algorithms, the remote computer processes the data and presents the results and informs the operator if explosives or other threat materials are present based on the ratios of elements. Click here to learn more about our InterrogatorTM software.

Clearpath Car bomb finder Gia Tracker XRC from Devin S. Standard on Vimeo.

** Performance, in terms of speed of detection and level of confidence, is directly correlated and dependent on the mass of the threat material, distance from the detector, and the quantity of shielding or masking present.


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