Research Opportunities

Maintaining a commitment to scientific experimentation, research and development are among our key objectives as the leader in next-generation, non-invasive threat detection devices. Clear Path expects to be a significant beneficiary of the more than $25 billion estimated to be allocated to industry and academia over the next several years by the U.S. federal, state and local governments, to advance research and development in Homeland Security.

Our research and development efforts are led by a senior team comprised of six scientists, expert in the areas of high-energy particle physics and nuclear chemistry. We expect to continue to direct research and development toward the improvement of our core technologies and the expansion of the number of explosive substances that can be identified. Clear Path Technologies is committed to expanding functionalities to our technologies, enabling us to continue providing first responders, law enforcement and the armed forces with the most effective, reliable and adaptable detection tools possible.

Joint Venture Opportunities

Clear Path Technologies is currently seeking licensing and co-development partners, including leading manufacturers of robotic platforms, to integrate our detectors under our name or under a private label.

If you are interested in learning more about joint venture opportunities, contact: opportunities@clear-path-tech.com