Our 21st Century Detection Devices

GIA TrackerTM xrc

CarBomb FinderTM 3C4

CarBomb FinderTM 3C6


Portable Atometer detector featuring a remotely operable motorized tower that can interrogate suspicious packages for improvised explosives devices (IEDs), radionuclides, and other threat materials and contraband in closed quarters where vehicle or robot-borne systems cannot. Vehicle-borne Atometer detector that can effectively screen vehicles for bulk amounts of nitrogen based and chlorine-potassium based explosives and other threat materials or contraband, including radionuclide, chemical agents and drugs. Portable under vehicle gantry-based Atometer detector for the high-throughput screening of vehicles for bulk amounts of nitrogen-based and chlorine-potassium based explosives, and other threat materials and contraband, including radionuclide, chemical agents and drugs. Versatile robot-borne Atometer detector which can identify concealed or buried IEDs, car bombs, radionuclides, and other threat materials and contraband. The all-terrain system can clear obstacles, cross ditches and climb stairs, and provides for stand-off interrogation at a safe distance.
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Greater Protection Through Superior Detection

Welcome to 21st century detection technology, where guessing is dangerous and grossly inadequate when it comes to detecting public safety threats that endanger lives. Clear Path is driven by a commitment to equip first responders, law enforcement and the military with the most technologically-advanced detection devices that leave no room for “maybe” when lives are threatened.

Our tested and proven next-generation Atometer detection devices go far beyond conventional explosives detection machines and manpower. Our sophisticated Atometer family of security and counter-terrorism detectors distinguish and confirm a potential threat remotely, in real-time and with rapid, accurate detection. Our identification technology is powerfully accurate and allows first responders to intelligently cater their response to eliminating the threat. This quick identification and confirmation of a potential threat saves lives, keeps first responders out of harm’s way, reduces stress on the public, and conserves valuable time and resources.

Our Atometer devices identify and distinguish a variety of nitrogen and non-nitrogen based explosives, other combustibles and illicit substances including: carbon-based fuels such as gasoline and diesel fuel, chlorine and potassium-based explosives, radionuclide, chemical agents, and other illicit substances. For a complete library of identifiable substances, please contact us.

Export Considerations

The export of our Atometers are not restricted within the scope of the United States Munitions List, maintained by the U.S. Department of State (DoS), or by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) under the International Trafficking in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Consequently, no DoS or DoD licensing is presently required to market and sell our Atometers to foreign end-users.

Notwithstanding, the sale of our Atometers, like all exports, are subject to export control regulations administered by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), which may limit sales to certain countries where the sale may adversely affect regional stability within a given region, go against foreign policy or economic interests of the United States or aid terrorist or terrorist sponsor states. Our products are currently incorporated by name under BIS Export Commodity Control Number 2A983.