CPT Security Solutions Group

In 2012, Clear Path established CPT Security Solutions Group to provide customers with comprehensive security consulting, system design, training and support services.

CPT Security Solutions comprises industry leading security and defense consultants, engineers and technologists. Our team includes experts in military, commercial, and industrial solutions, with each security consultant having 20+ years of global experience in system design and systems integration.

CPT Security Solutions has teaming, license and services agreements with best-of-class partners and specialized solutions providers, and offers system integrator benefits without the high price tag of working with a larger-scale organization.

To date, we produce and license for distribution and sale a broad array of the most advanced security and defense products, which when combined with our consulting services, provides our customers and partners a powerful combination of knowledge and technology to meet their objectives.


CPT Security Solutions’ security professionals have extensive specialized experience in the following market segments or sectors  of the homeland security and defense industries:

Our consultancy teams have successfully managed strategic master planning, engineering, systems integration and commissioning for commercial and government customers in the following areas:

CPT Security Solutions staff are also adept at provide the following technical and assesorial services:

  • Security Master Planning
  • Security Audits & Surveys
  • Threat, Risk, &Vulnerability Studies
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Contractor/Manufacturer Pre-qualification
  • Value Engineering
  • Peer Reviews
  • Security Infrastructure Design
  • Bid Evaluation
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Post Construction Services
  • Studies and Assessments
  • Detailed Site Surveys
  • Risk Analysis and Abatement
  • Continuity of Operations Planning
  • Generating and Evaluating Proposals
  • Assembling Joint Ventures and Partners
  • Incorporation and Decommissioning of Legacy Systems
  • Logistics, Support, and Training
  • Maintenance and Operations
  • Product and Parts Plans
  • Obsolescence Studies and Alternatives
  • Educational Material and Lesson Plans
  • Simulations and Training

In addition to offering advanced solutions, Clear Path is one of the first homeland security companies to integrate advanced infrastructure protection, checkpoint screening and detection technologies with proprietary financing and insurance and risk protection products.

Our Insurance Discount Program features a proprietary specialty insurance policy which covers the risk of monetary losses attributed to business interruptions resulting from false alarms or nuisance packages. This “Enhanced Business Interruption” policy is the first such insurance product to offer such comprehensive coverage. Due to the unique confirmatory and rapid discrimination capabilities of our solutions, the program provides previously unavailable coverage with discounts on policy premiums of between 70% and 80% for facilities or events that deploy our products and solutions. This discount augments the ROI associated with products acquired through Clear Path by providing end-users with a sizable economic incentive that offsets a great portion of, or exceeds, the cost of product acquisition.

Our Port Security Finance Program (PSFP) is singular in its approach, combining security advisory services, program management, system integration, and equipment sales, maintenance, service, and training, while also providing project financing necessary to address all costs. Project financing is provided through the placement of an insurance-enhanced bond that is secured by revenue derived primarily from container shipping fees and facility charges, without the need for sovereign guarantees.


The specialists and expert consultants comprising CPT Security Solutions have successfully delivered and supported security solutions and products for the following foreign customers: