Leading This Generation

Clear Path Technologies is the leader in the non-invasive, non-destructive confirmatory detection of threat materials and other illicit substances. Our Atometer detection systems are the only commercially available and field-proven systems employing high-energy neutron activation analysis and high resolution gamma ray spectroscopy.

Our products, which have been successfully deployed by law enforcement and transportation agencies, can not only detect the presence of, but also identify by elemental composition, a wide range of materials, whether shielded or masked, including explosives, radionuclides, special nuclear materials, and certain chemical agents and narcotics.

Eliminating the “Guessing Game” and Providing Real Value

Our family of Atometer detectors are able to quantitatively confirm the presense or absence of threat materials in real-time at the molecular level, enabling first responders to neutralize threats or clear false alarms more effectively and expeditiously and thereby provide better protection of critical infrastructure and the general public.

Our award-winning solutions deliver significant value to the end-user by decreasing response times and reducing or eliminating costly interruptions and wasteful mobilizations. This makes the use of our systems a particularly attractive investment, especially in this economic environment, where budgets are stressed and organizations are seeking operational efficiencies.

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